Roosters Men's Grooming Centers

A classic American barbershop for the 21st century man

Roosters Men’s Grooming Centers specialize in precision men’s haircuts, shaves, men’s grooming and products. No nail polish, no perms, no appointments. At Roosters, we combine modern grooming techniques with traditional barber services to provide a customized experience and product recommendations. And if your shoes need a shine, we’ve got you covered. Details say a lot about a man—make sure to make the right statement.

Our barbershop is also a great place to shoot the breeze with other guys, talk music, politics or sports, or just chill and watch the game on a flat-screen TV. You’ll walk out of Roosters feeling like a new man with the confidence to take on the world.

 Roosters’ history

Master barber Joe Grondin opened the first the Roosters in 1999 in Lapeer, MI as an antidote to the growing popularity of unisex salons that specialized in hairstyling, but lacked the skills and tools to serve men’s hair needs. Today, Roosters Men’s Grooming Centers, located in cities across the U.S., are serving men’s unique hair needs in a traditional barbershop setting.

Why go to a barbershop?

We know men's hair. We’re trained in men’s hair cutting, clipper cuts, grooming and shaving. Speaking of that, you’ll get a great shave. Sit back, relax and enjoy our Signature 7-Step Shave Experience featuring a hot-towel prep, deep cleansing and, of course, a clean, close shave.

Barbershops are steeped in tradition and have long offered a sense of community and camaraderie. They’re havens where men can relax and be men. There’s an atmosphere and level of luxury you don’t get at unisex salons: the manly smell of shaving cream and tonics, the rich textures of hardwood floors and leather chairs. The hearty sounds of discussions, laughter and cheering on your team.

Some guys go to the same barber their whole lives. It becomes a bonding experience shared across generations. You remember going to get haircuts with your dad and listening to conversations, the wisecracks you didn’t get, but really wished you did. Now you’re the one taking your son to your barber and it feels good. Share the experience today at Roosters.

Check out this great history of the barbershop:

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